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Package tracking should be the premise in any shipping company. Customers need to know where their packages are at all times and receive notifications of important status changes.

Integrate web and mobile tools, IoT elements as automatic distribution bands with the operating system of the company; that’s our main objective.


Initial problem

Initially a mobile application was sought to help the delivery and collection staff to improve the tracking update at each location. Based on this requirement, we made an initial diagnosis of the business and the system, to know if a frontend integrated mobile application type with the current system was sufficient.

Additionally, the company intends to reach international markets, so it requires detailed information about its cost structure and a system that allows them to obtain feedback for decision making.

Our Solution

We develop a scalable solution that can integrate all interfaces and elements of IoT to achieve a reliable package tracking system.

We design a platform for tracking packages under the software as a service scheme, which will function as an operating system for any standard shipping company and that can be customized with the needs of B2B contracts and human resources management.

Additionally, we designed an intelligent distribution band that could be integrated with the developed API to automate the classification according to physical characteristics.

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