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Updated: Jun 24, 2019


The management of information in the area of HCM, despite having integrated systems, is done through complex processes of approvals and manual validation of data that can affect the effectiveness and credibility of the service offered. Insurers are part of a business network that includes different service providers in the health sector, such as clinics, private doctors' offices, pharmacies, clinical laboratories and imaging laboratories.


Initial problem

The reliability of the data and the verification of protocols are the main lacks that offer integrated HCM systems, which can include traditional participants as clinics and laboratories. Transparency about specific services offered by the insurer is also one of the main flaws that are identified in the insurers systems of health.

Our Solution

We developed a solution for the HCM insurance sector, based on the Blockchain technology with Hyperledger FABRIC (HLF). We designed a business network with a unique ordering service, based on a KAFKA type arrangement, to manage the consensus of all the transactions of 4 participating organizations (insurer, clinic, clinical and image laboratory) and private communication channels between them.

The identity management of participants (insured, doctors, actuaries, analysts, bioanalysts and radiologists) was carried out modularly by 4 identity providers (MSP), one for each organization.

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