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The construction sector is growing and requesting roads infrastructure, public services and real estate sector. So it seeks to reduce the time and costs in each construction yard. Concrete is the most commonly used material in the construction of buildings and infrastructure in general, using simple raw materials and combines various additives to change the composition, strength and drying time.


Initial problem

Our client is looking to reduce construction time and human error by automatizing the production of concrete in the construction yard.

The client has a manual concrete production machine and wants to automatize it to reduce the loss of raw material and standardize the type of produced concrete.

Our Solution

We designed an IoT integration with a mobile application to control the production of concrete. By measuring the weight of the mixture at all times, the addition of components will be controlled by automatic covers in each container of raw material. We designed a new control panel with all power contactors, controllers and data acquisition devices.

We calculate the electrical wiring to allow the transport of the machine to any construction yard. The human-machine interface is a mobile application that can control the machine locally and a web application to show the variables of batches and historical records remotely. This solution will allow the integration of IoT in other construction yards, improve efficiency and measure staff performance.

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