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Ensuring the quality of products and services is the first step for companies that seek to reach a high level in the market. Medium and big companies require control and monitoring of the processes and services quality.

All quality control systems require the management of records with integration tools, to make more efficient the acquisition of human resources data and have a better visualization of them.


Initial problem

The initial problem is the absence of documentation in the production process since it’s based on the operators expertise. The company needs to document all processes, prepare a training program and establish a quality assurance mechanism to allow the company to continue working in the future.

Our Solution

We started a detailed process of documentation on the printing process and found standards to apply in the quality assurance protocols using the ISO 9001 normative. We propose a platform that will allow acquiring, registering and monitoring data such as access control, inventory control, personnel performance, variables associated with machinery, waste treatment and recycling.

The platform will have a web interface that can be accessed from any web browser, read barcodes or QR and allow authorizations based on roles. Additionally it will integrate information of each machine involved in the processes (operation times, energy consumption, production counting, alarms, raw material feeding, among others).

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