Marie Anne Torrealba


Silicon Valley expert, MSc in Business Management and Production Engineer. 

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Gerfranco Pellegrino


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MSc in Engineering Management, Electrical Engineer, Telecommunications expert, CISCO professional.

Gustavo Raven

HR Business Partner

+24 years of experience as Corporate Attorney, Design Sprint specialist, MSc in Human Resources, international speaker.

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José Obadía

Lead Designer

Award-winning UX, graphic and web designer.

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May Gomez

Marketing Advisor

Digital marketing guru, psychologist passionate about digital consumer behaviour, +4 years of experience as insights manager.

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Vinicio De Sola

Data Scientist

Quantitative Analyst experienced on machine learning techniques and Big Data for finance.

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Douglas Ferguson

Innovation Expert

Design Sprint + Innovation Workshop Facilitator | Speaker | Coach | Fractional CTO/CPO.

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Luis Fernando Hidalgo

Agriculture Expert

President & CEO, Agrihcorp.

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Allyson Quijano

Blockchain Expert

VP, Sustainability at Bext360.

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Justin Brown

Product Expert

Operator, Product Leader, Company Builder

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