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• Hyperledger Fabric
We develop and maintain businesses network infrastructures of Hyperledger FABRIC, to take advantage of the network functions modularization, consensus mechanisms, endorsement policies and identity management.
• DAPPS Hyperledger Composer
We develop decentralized applications that are sustained in a Hyperledger FABRIC infrastructure. We integrate external frontend applications as web, mobile and desktop applications that allow an API to easily access a blockchain business network.


• Data Visualization

We work in the extraction, processing, analysis and graphical representation of data, regardless of their origin (electronic devices, social networks, medical data, among others).


• Data Management

We offer services for the acquisition, validation, storage and protection of data, guaranteeing your access and reliability.

We determine customer behaviors, trends and opportunities to improve business strategies and the development of companies, science, medicine and education.



• DEEP Learning

Using large amounts of data, GPUs and training algorithms, we develop neural networks focused on solving specific customer needs.


• Robotics Mechatronics

Training of computerized bots and mechatronic equipment to fulfill specific tasks. We build devices composed of hardware and software that learn and optimize processes from data acquisition and analysis.

• Vehicles Autonomous

We develop AI solutions for the modeling of vehicles able to detect their environment and navigate without human intervention, through the development of neural networks and data analysis.



• UI/UX Development

We create adapted experiences for our customers using the most suitable and innovative tools. We offer personalized interfaces improving your standing and visibility of searches, accessibility and website functionalities.

• Cross Platforms

We develop applications interfaces (API's) that allow to integrate software and web services, mobile and desktop. We implement scalable and self-sustainable platforms for the new technologies  and services integrations.

• Devops As a service

We integrate services of automatization, control, monitoring and statistics to expand the software maintenance and implementation of solutions. We help to optimize infrastructures and the management of human and technological resources.



• VR Virtual reality

We design and implement immersive experiences in projects of any area, 360 video applications, simulations and games. We use Oculus and HTC Vive lenses.

• AR Augmented reality

We develop marketing-oriented applications, IoT integrations and games, for mobile phones and augmented reality lenses. We promote the technology of Vuforia, ARcore, ARkit and Unity.



• 3D Modeling

We have a team that provides 3D modeling services, 2D detail drawings and design analysis.

• Graphic Design

Our creative team builds web design projects that adjust to the current trend, seeking the best UI / UX. We go from the design of corporate identities, photo editing, logo design, brochures, advertising campaigns, magazines, product catalogs and business presentations.

• Digital Marketing

We have a digital marketing team that promotes products and services, employing the latest trends in SEO, inbound marketing and content marketing.



• Buildings Smart

We use vanguard technologies to connect different services in an efficient, dynamic and functional way, minimizing costs and mitigating the environmental impact.

Our goal is to improve energy saving, support electrical networks and increase the satisfaction and productivity of its occupants. We include installation services for devices, hardware and software, maintenance and technical support for the needs of our customers.

• Industry Fourth Generation

We offer machine-company connectivity solutions, building a bridge between automatization and IT.

We develop connected data, people, processes, services, systems and industrial assets achieving vertical and horizontal integration for the processes of our customers.



• FinTech

We improve the customer experience, modernizing and optimizing processes. We promote greater cost efficiency through automated processes. We manage personal finance projects, insurance, reinsurance, assets, loans, digital means of payment and personalized services for the needs of our clients.

• Shared Services

Our portfolio of outsourced services covers the traditional administrative and operational needs of each organization. We standardize functions, processes and systems in an integrated and efficient infrastructure. Some of the processes carried out include: accounting, treasury, human resources, IT, purchasing, legal, general services, marketing and sales.

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