Stanford University is home to 17 living Nobel laureates. In total, the university has received  33 Nobel prizes: 8 of chemistry, 3 of medicine, 7 of economic sciences, 3 of economics, 11 of physics, 1 of peace. This is more than most countries, and second only to Harvard University, which is 300 years older.

Silicon Valley would simply not exist without Stanford University. From HP - the first tech company in Silicon Valley - to the likes of Google and Airbnb, it has been the hotbed of innovation for a century. It trains the largest number of entrepreneurs in the world, and the most extensive computer, biotech and engineering labs in the world. It has the world’s top business school, and the constant attention of deep-pocketed venture capital firms and angel investors.

Some of the most important companies in the world were created at Stanford by students and alumni, among them we have companies like:

· HP, started by Hewlett and Packard

· Sun Microsystems (The acronym actually means Stanford University Network)

· Google, created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin

· Instagram, created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger

· SpaceX, Tesla, Paypal, created by Elon Musk

· LinkedIn, created by Reid Hoffman and his co-founders

Stanford and Google have had a close relationship since the co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin formed the company as graduate students. Google’s predecessor, BackRub, was launched on Stanford servers before it became too large to support. The company’s business plan was also developed at Stanford. 

Apple and Stanford have also a close relationship, Jobs often took long walks in the hills above the Stanford, he gave his famous 2005 commencement speech ("Stay hungry. Stay foolish.") at Stanford, and son Reed Jobs attends the university. Stanford grads, students, and dropouts are making it rich as iOS developers these days.

It’s time to make your dreams become a reality by studying with the best students in the industry and receiving guidance from the brightest minds in the world. 

This is not a normal program, is a one in a lifetime opportunity to expand your horizons following the footsteps of Apple, Google, LinkedIn and Instagram founders, between others. Be the next Molina, the Mexican teacher that was instrumental for the start and growth of Google while working at Stanford.